Hager Meadow (Betty White)

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Hager Meadow (Betty White Land)

Silver Award Trail Map and Features of Hager Meadow

Location and Description

Hager Meadow is located on Hill Rd, opposite the intersection of Hill Rd and Picnic St near Schoolhouse #2. Access to the Hager Meadow is via a right of way from Hill Rd. 

The Hager Meadow Land (28 acres) is largely open. Cows are sometimes pastured here so it is important that visitors close and lock all gates. A well-marked trail, opened in 2007, runs through the meadow into the woods along the I-495 fence line, and connects to Have Not Pond. The woodland is a new-growth, mixed forest with some short, steep areas, intermittent streams, and patches of wetlands. Invasive bittersweet vine has infested some of the area. Remnants of former orchard can be seen along the eastern border of the meadow.


The Hager Meadow Land was donated to the town by Elizabeth Hager White in 1989 with the stipulation that it remain open land.

Notable Features

Because cattle graze in the Hager Meadow, dogs must be leashed at all times. The cattle are not aggressive by nature, but hikers are advised to keep their distance from cows, especially those with calves. Killdeer nest in this area. Visitors can also see hawks, bluebirds, foxes, and coyotes.