Wolf Swamp

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Wolf Swamp

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Wolf Swamp Conservation Area was the largest parcel of Town-owned conservation land up until 2002, when it was surpassed in size by Patch Hill Conservation Area. Wolf Swamp Conservation Area still has the most frontage on a Town road: 2,125 feet along Burroughs Road.

One of the largest areas of wetlands in Boxborough, Wolf Swamp provides habitat for an incredible variety of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Wolf Swamp is located at the headwaters of Beaver Brook and also sits atop one of the Town’s three major aquifers. Moose sightings are reported from time to time. Another noteworthy feature of Wolf Swamp is that it is home to a very abundant crop of blueberries.

Recreational Uses

  • Hiking
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Bird watching and other nature study


There are three parking areas. One is located on Burroughs Road approximately one-quarter mile from the Route 111 - Burroughs Road - Hill Road intersection. Parking is also available on the side of Old Harvard Road approximately one-fifth mile from the Burroughs Road - Old Harvard Road junction, while a third parking area is located another seven-tenths of a mile further down Old Harvard Road toward the Boxborough-Harvard town line.


There is a trail of approximately one mile in length (including the loop) running between the Burroughs Road parking area and Old Harvard Road. There is a half-mile mile dead-end trail into the preserve from the second Old Harvard Road parking area.


Biting insects, such as mosquitoes and black flies, can be found in swarms near such a large wetland, so bug repellent is highly recommended during Spring and Summer months. Sections of the trails can be rather wet and muddy in Spring, and poison ivy is common off the trails.

Land Area

  • 229.09 acres


The Town purchased the initial 200+ acres for $40,000 in 1972, and was reimbursed $18,000 (40%) by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under the Self-Help Program. An adjoining 4.8 acres was added in 1982 in exchange for the Town’s grant of a sewer-line easement to Gerald Hines. An additional 22.07 acres were donated by the Sudbury Valley Trustees in 1999.

Authorities on Boxborough’s history have said that the name "Wolf Swamp" was given by local Native Americans centuries ago, very likely because real wolves actually did live in that area of Boxborough in those times.