Rental Assistance Program

The Boxborough Rental Assistance Program (BRAP) provides rental assistance to income-eligible households who are renting qualifying units in the Town of Boxborough. Each month, participating landlords receive $250 toward the rent of a program participant, for a period of one year. Participants may re-certify for up to three years total participation. The program is limited to a total of 12 households; applications will be placed on a wait list when the program is full. Income and other eligibility restrictions do apply.

The BRAP is funded by the Community Preservation Act and managed by the Boxborough Housing Board and Wendy Trinks, Boxborough’s Community Services Coordinator. For questions about eligibility or assistance completing an application, please contact Wendy Trinks at 978-264-1735 or to set up an appointment.

New Applicants Update

The Boxborough Rental Assistance Program (BRAP) will be accepting new applications from Monday, June 14, 2021, through Friday August 13, 2021. Applications will be available on the Town of Boxborough website and other local sites, including Boxborough Town Hall and Sargent Memorial Library. An applicant must identify an intended Boxborough rental unit and the anticipated move-in date at the time of application. Participants must live in a rental unit in the Town of Boxborough while receiving assistance from the program. 

Program Documents


For the Applicant/Participant

1.    Will my personal and financial information be held in confidence?

The only person in the BRAP who will know personal information that you supply is Wendy Trinks. While the Housing Board monitors and occasionally adjusts the program, participant information is not disclosed with Board members. Wendy can be reached at:

Boxborough Town Hall
29 Middle Road
Boxborough, MA 01719


2.    How is my income computed?

Income from salary, retirement, or other periodic payments (such as child support) is computed from the five most recent payments received by adults in your household. If you are self-employed, your income will be computed from the profit of your business. The details are spelled out in the application.

Please let us know if your income may not be correctly estimated from your recent income payments. This could occur if your income is seasonal.

3.    How long can my household receive assistance?

For a maximum of three years from the month at which you entered the program. Each year, your income will be reviewed, and your household can remain (up to the three-year limit) in the BRAP if it continues to be qualified.

4.    Will the BRAP allow for special circumstances?

Within limits, yes. For example, we temporarily waived the three-year deadline during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is for individuals and/or families to utilize this benefit to save, pay off other bills, and work with Wendy Trinks to become more stable. Please contact Wendy to discuss any special circumstances.

5.    Do I get the rental assistance checks directly? 

No. Each month, a check for $250 will be sent directly to your landlord.

6.    Are there other benefits to being in the BRAP?

Yes. You will be provided with referrals to other resources you may need.

7.    Will I still get rental assistance if I move out of Boxborough?

No. Rental Assistance is only for residents of Boxborough rental units.

For the Landlord

1.    Who manages the Boxborough Rental Assistance Program (BRAP)? Who is the Boxborough contact person?

The BRAP is managed by the Boxborough Housing Board and Boxborough’s Community Services Coordinator, Wendy Trinks. She is the contact person for BRAP. Her information is:

Wendy Trinks
Boxborough Town Hall
29 Middle Road
Boxborough, MA 01719

The Boxborough Housing Board meets monthly, usually on the second Thursday of the month. All are welcome. The agenda, including any Zoom link, are posted on the Town website.

2.    How is the Rental Assistance Program funded?

BRAP uses funds from the Community Preservation Act (CPA), which is a Massachusetts state law (M.G.L. Chapter 44B) passed in 2000. It enables communities to raise funds to create a local fund for open space preservation, preservation of historic resources, development of affordable housing, and the acquisition and development of outdoor recreational facilities. Funds are raised for these purposes through the imposition of a voter-authorized surcharge on local property tax bills of up to 3%.

3.    When will I receive the rental assistance checks?

At the beginning of each month, you will receive a check for $250.

4.    How long will the rental assistance continue?

For a maximum of three years from the month at which your tenant enters the program. Each year, the income of participants is reviewed; only participants who remain qualified for the program can continue (up to three years).

5.    Will I be able to raise the rent?

Yes, you need only to notify Wendy Trinks and the Housing Board. The Housing Board has no problem with reasonable rent increases.

6.    Can I evict a tenant who is being assisted by BRAP? Do I need the Housing Board’s approval to do so?

The Town does not get involved with issues between tenants and landlords. Therefore, you can evict a BRAP participant, and you do not need approval from the Housing Board to do so. Please inform Wendy Trinks and the Housing Board of the eviction in a timely manner, as the tenant may need referrals to other housing resources.

7.    Can I refer other tenants to this program?

Yes you can, but the rental unit must be in Boxborough. Please provide tenants with Wendy Trinks's contact information. She will then provide the tenant with an application and review the process.

8.    Can I refer other landlords to this program?

Yes, you can. We are looking to work with more landlords who own property in Boxborough. Please provide them with Wendy Trinks's contact information.