Message from the Chief

I would like to welcome you to the Boxborough Police Department website. The men and women of the Department who serve and protect you on a daily basis are proud of their accomplishments and I hope this site will provide you with an overview of our operations.

The Boxborough Police Department is committed to being a quality customer service oriented agency that provides the best possible service to the public we serve. We are committed to make every effort to enhance the quality of life for the residents of the Town of Boxborough.

The first contact with members of our Department should be a positive experience and hopefully this web page will provide you with first hand information as to the services we provide. It is my mission to improve the efficiency of this police agency by providing a variety of diverse, educational programs to the community through the use of innovative outreach projects.

We have a commitment to be ethical, courteous and caring in all our contacts with the public and fellow employees. We will treat everyone, with whom we have contact, with respect, dignity, and courtesy.

Our most valuable resource is our employees, because it is their dedication and commitment that make the Boxborough Police Department a quality law enforcement agency.

Warren B. Ryder
Chief of Police

Warren B. Ryder Salute