Department History

Early Days

Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, a constable was appointed to police the town of Boxborough. The main crime element during those times was the occasional lost person who had jumped off the railroad looking for work. The town also had the occasional person found drunk on the side of the railroad or roadways, ending up in the town lockup which was built in the late 1800s, located on Hill road near middle.

During the mid-1900s, the needs of the town changed and the policing of the town became insufficient. During this time period, the policing of the town was made up of one police chief (Alfred Cobleigh for 17 years) and a part time volunteer police force. Transportation to calls required officers to use their own vehicles for which they were not compensated.

Growing Needs

As the town grew, the town formed a study committee to learn if the town needed a full time police force and if the town could afford it. A special article appeared before a town meeting after a year and a half requesting $37,000 to support one full time police force. This article did not pass. Along with this article were funds to cover the cost of a police cruiser. This did pass, and for the first time in 1972, Boxborough had its first cruiser, a green station wagon also used for medical calls.

Also in 1972, town voters approved funding for a full time patrolman and police chief. An agreement was reached with the town of Littleton. Their Police Chief, Bruce Barker, also became Boxborough chief. Chief Barker supplied 24-hour police coverage for this town using Littleton’s police force.

New Police Station

At the time, Boxborough did not have its own police station. The cruiser was parked at Smiths bus service, now Smith’s Tire Service on Mass Avenue. The police force worked out of a small office in the town hall. In 1975, the police department moved into the fire station and occupied only one small room and lobby area (now occupied by the fire inspector). This small area was not sufficient and in 1976, the police occupied additional space within the Fire Department, moving into what is now the Fire Chief’s office and kitchen area.

Starting in 1977, the police no longer transported patients to the hospital nor used its cruiser for ambulance calls. The Boxborough Fire Department purchased its first ambulance and all Emergency Medical Services duties were handed over to the fire chief (Warren Morse).

In 1988, voters approved a special article to fund a new police station to be built next to the fire station. The ground breaking ceremony occurred in the fall of 1988, and the new station was completed in 1990. At that time, it was felt that the new building would be sufficient for the next twenty years.

The 2000s

In 2000 the Police Department welcomed a full-time emergency communications center into the station that is staffed with four full-time dispatchers and four part-time dispatchers.

In 2013 a full-time Regional Animal Control Officer position was created with the ranks of the Police Department to serve the Towns of Boxborough, Littleton and Stow.

The Department Today

The Boxborough Police Department currently consists of; the Police Chief, Lieutenant, three sergeants and eight Patrol Officers, and nine part-time Officers.

The Boxborough Police Department is a State Accredited agency that is grateful for the continued support the community provides.