What is the Valuation Criteria?

The Department of Revenue (DOR) requires communities to value all property each year. Every fifth year is a complete recertification. Both a recertification and an interim year adjustment (the four years in between full recertifications) include a detailed analysis of the appropriate sales data as a basis for adjusting the property values. The goal is to have values represent market value and avoid an excessive swing in the assessments in any given year. A recertification year includes intense examination by the DOR of all the community’s assessment policies and procedures.

Fiscal Year 2029 is the next recertification year in Boxborough.

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1. What is the Valuation Criteria?
2. What changes are made each year?
3. Why do different property assessments go up (or down) in different proportions?
4. When my neighbors house sells, will their price determine my assessment?
5. How will this new valuation affect my tax bill?
6. How can I get more information?
7. Why are the tax amounts on my bill different from what I paid last quarter?
8. My property value appears to be a little high, but I'm not sure if I'm over assessed. What should I do?
9. How do I file for abatement?
10. If I file an abatement request, do I have to attend a hearing with the Assessor?
11. What is a revaluation, and when does one occur?
12. Why do some assessments increase more than others after a revaluation?
13. If assessed values rise, do taxes have to rise?
14. Does the assessor need to inspect my house?
15. How do I file for homestead declaration?
16. How do I obtain property record cards online?