When are tax bills mailed and payments due?

Bills are mailed four times (July, October, January, and April) per year for Real Estate and Personal Property.

1st Quarter

1st Quarter (Preliminary) pays for July, August, and September.

  • Bills Mailed: July 1st
  • Bills Due: August 1st

2nd Quarter

2nd Quarter (Preliminary) pays for October, November, and December.

  • Bills Mailed: October 1st
  • Bills Due: November 1st

3rd Quarter

3rd Quarter (Actual) pays for January, February, and March.

  • Bills Mailed: January 1st
  • Bills Due: February 1st

4th Quarter

4th Quarter (Actual) pays for April, May, and June.

  • Bills Mailed: April 1st
  • Bills Due: May 1st

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