Abatement & Appeals

When and How to Apply

If you feel that your property has been overvalued, disproportionately assessed or incorrectly classified, you may apply to the Assessor's Office for an abatement.  You must file a written request on the approved application forms.  A separate application must be filed for each parcel.

Applications for abatements are accepted between the date third-quarter tax bill is received and 4:00 pm on February 1.  The Assessor's Office, by law, cannot act on any abatement application received after the deadline.

The Assessor's Office has three (3) months to act on your abatement application.  If the Assessor does not act on your application within this period of time, it is deemed denied.  To avoid interest charges, the full tax due must be paid by the due date.  If an abatement is granted and taxes are paid in full, a refund will be granted.

Appeal Process

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Assessor, or if you have not received a notice of the Board of Assessors decision within three (3) months from the date you filed an abatement application, you may appeal to the Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board, (ATB), a state agency that hears appeals from taxpayers who have been denied or not satisfied by the local Assessor's office. 

Real Estate Tax Appeals: A Helpful Guide for Taxpayers